Milo's Website

This is where I put my internet things!

About me: I am a graduate student in evolutionary biology in Michael Desai's lab. I study how things evolve (mostly yeast, mostly I study how yeast evolves)


Scapes An interactive introduction and exploration of the concept of a fitness landscape in evolutionary biology

Photography Some cool photos I've taken of insects and other things

Basins An art/science project - a simulation of a system with many stable states, with audio interaction

Circuits An interactive simulation of a discrete circuit/regulatory system with tunable interaction

SOUNDBLASTER! A silly and difficult audio-input based html game

Audio Visualizer Demo
A work in progress project - you can draw and then have your drawings animate with music. here is a demo where you can upload an audio file, and here is one where it uses audio input from a mic.

Blog that I hopefully will keep updating